October 2013

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United in Peace Rally Los Angeles

The Peace Rides

The United in Peace Foundation brings peace to urban streets

Criminon New Life DC

Demonstrating in the nation's capital that rehabilitation is possible

"Understand More, Accomplish More" helps over a million students

Creating educational miracles in Mexico

Contestants listen to the awards presentation at the "What do you think an honest life means?" Contest based on The Way to Happiness

"What do you think an honest life means?" Contest

A contest based on The Way to Happiness inspires thousands of Hungarian children

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Colonel Prado: Changing the Course of an Entire Country

Colonel Prado describes how he used The Way to Happiness to improve his country

Teresita - a successful tutor in Costa Rica applying Study Technology methodology she learned from Applied Scholastics

Tutor stuns schoolteachers by turning "problem children" into avid learners

My name is Teresita. After living in the United States for 25 years, I came back to Costa Rica with a lot of dreams about helping and creating a better life in my town. I found out that there were a lot of problems in the education system, with a lot of desperate parents trying to find somebody who could give extra classes to their children so they could pass the school year, and many students who did not have any interest in learning....