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× We currently are looking for enterprising persons who want to open new social betterment activities in their communities, utilizing our effective solutions to society's worst ruins—drugs, crime, illiteracy and immorality. You can CONTACT US to find out more or send us your CV!

Our Mission

ABLE's mission is to rid the world of its most devastating social ills—drugs, crime, illiteracy and immorality—through the social betterment methods and principles of author and humanitarian
L. Ron Hubbard.

Research has shown links between education failure, substance abuse, moral decay and crime. To address the interrelated nature of these social problems, ABLE and the organizations under its umbrella offer:

  • Substance abuse treatment and prevention services
  • Ex-offender re-entry and mentoring programs
  • Character and common sense morals education
  • Community and family literacy
  • Teacher training and professional development

Our Activities

ABLE is a non-profit charitable organization that assists the implementation of social betterment programs in communities throughout the world.

These programs, based on breakthrough methodologies developed by L. Ron Hubbard, focus on core problems that stand in the way of individual happiness and social progress: illiteracy and educational failure; substance abuse; criminality and the pervasive lowering or loss of moral standards.

Whether they operate in America 's inner-cities, the townships of South Africa or the human resource departments of major corporations, ABLE programs are distinguished by their remarkable results. These programs, originated as grass-roots efforts over the last 35 years, have grown to encompass more than 800 programs in 75 countries.

Our headquarters in Los Angeles, California

Supporting, promoting and coordinating four major global social betterment programs:


The effects drugs and alcohol have on our society are disastrous. Narconon provides drug education and effective drug rehabilitation programs...


Applied Scholastics International

Offering training to educators on effective educational solutions, with uniquely effective curricula that start by teaching students how to learn...



Providing life skills and educational programs to offenders and at-risk individuals that help them lead productive and crime-free lives...


The Way to Happiness Foundation International

The Way to Happiness Foundation's campaign is the largest grass-roots movement in the world promoting sound principles of conduct...