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Training educators on effective educational solutions with uniquely effective curricula that start by teaching students how to learn.

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What is Applied Scholastics International?

"In my 14 years of teaching, the most powerful educational technology that I have come across equips people to really learn and make study a purposeful and productive activity has been the Study Technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard."—Caroline Khyl, Assistant Professor of Education Texas Lutheran University

Applied Scholastics International was started in 1972 by a group of educators searching for methods that could help them salvage students who were falling through the cracks of the education system. The founders of Applied Scholastics were troubled by the number of students unable to assimilate or apply the information they were studying, and the resulting frustration that led many of these young people to drop out.

The Applied Scholastics International Campus at Spanish Lake, Saint Louis, Missouri

Today, Applied Scholastics conducts teacher training programs and has over 300 affiliated schools, tutoring centers and community learning centers that bring valuable learning tools—and hope—to students in 45 countries.

Applied Scholastics programs offer:

  • Teacher training and professional development
  • Early childhood development
  • Community and family literacy
  • Job readiness and workforce development

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What is Study Technology?

Study Technology, the teaching method used by Applied Scholastics, is a tool which can be used by students, teachers, children and parents alike.

Study Technology empowers students to learn any subject effectively

Study Technology (sometimes refered to as Study Tech) consists of a vast body of data and research in the field of education.

The "Technology" in "Study Technology" does not refer to computers or electronic devices. Instead it refers to a research-based system which can be used to assist people in studying or learning any subject. It is the missing step in modern education.

Study Technology helps students develop critical thinking skills, it motivates and improves the ability of students to learn and achieve proficiency in the subject being studied. Study Technology can be applied to anything: homework, home schooling, teaching, tutoring, sports, work, reading, etc.

Study Technology gives students the ability and confidence to overcome any study barrier

Study Technology provides the tools or rules to learn and study efficiently, so that people may actually apply what they learn in school, and not just repeat it back to pass a test. While passing a test is important, it is not nearly as important as students being able to use what they've learned. If somebody can't use what they havelearned in school, they will fail—at work, in relationships, and ultimately in life. He or she may turn to drugs in an effort to hide from his or her troubles. Study Technology provides a much better route out.

Study Technology consists of an exact system that teaches people how to learn and can be used by anybody. Study Technology includes the identification of specific learning barriers and the handling of them.

To learn more about how Study Technology can accelerate education in a certain setting, environment or way, use the below links: