Narconon Arrowhead

Narconon Arrowhead near Canadian, Oklahoma

Flagship Narconon emanates drug-free lives and new Narconon centers

Narconon delivers drug rehabilitation on five continents, driven by a global generation plant at Arrowhead. It is the world’s largest private drug rehabilitation center, as well as an international training site for drug rehab specialists intent on opening Narconon facilities of their own. Narconon Arrowhead was opened in August 2001 and has been bustling with students month after month and year after year, ever since.

This year Narconon Arrowhead welcomed students and Narconon center trainees from numerous countries across the Western Hemisphere and even from the Middle East, as well as hosting the international Narconon EDs Conference.

Executive Director Narconon Arrowhead Gary Smith briefs Narconon executives from around the world at the international Narconon EDs Conference.

Narconon Arrowhead generates an endless stream of radio, television and print media, creating over 1,500 published press articles in any given year and reaching over 30 million listeners and viewers through radio and TV.

Given its size and stellar results, state drug rehab inspectors take increasing notice of how things are done in Arrowhead and make these known to the rest of the field. Such recent “breakthroughs” include an inspector who noticed that no invalidation, evaluation or interpretation was tolerated in Arrowhead and asked permission to use this breakthrough in training all future drug rehab case managers in the state.

In addition to its success as a training facility, Narconon Arrowhead is also a leader in drug education. Their drug education initiative has reached 60,000 people in 244 different groups in the state of Oklahoma in the last year alone. They are now pioneering the delivery of drug education lectures to management and employees of leading corporations and developing drug-free workplace policies for them.

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