Narconon Colombia

Narconon Colombia has delivered drug education lectures to over 7,000 police.

Turning the cocaine capital of the world toward freedom from drugs

Over the past 21 years, Narconon Colombia has created a huge impact on the country through their broad promotion and drug prevention campaigns. They also literally save lives through their drug rehabilitation services. In total, they have reached 97% of the country with their drug-free message.

Narconon Colombia has promoted drug prevention and rehabilitation across the entire country. They partnered with the police who have personally distributed over 5,000 Narconon drug education booklets. Over 13,500 members of the army have received drug education lectures from Narconon Colombia

They have reached over 43 million people through ads, interviews and special shows in 22 magazines, 25 newspapers, 42 radio stations, and on 16 TV stations.

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To learn more about Narconon Columbia's activities, click here: Narconon International website: Narconon Colombia








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