Narconon Tijuana celebrates one-year Anniversary

Salvaging lives at the crux of Western Hemisphere’s drug trafficking lanes

Narconon Tijuana is the first Narconon licensed on behalf of Tijuana’s Catholic Church. Word of the effectiveness of LRH tech in salvaging addicts spread throughout Tijuana after Laura Capaceta got the tech in use in dozens of small, formerly ineffective rehab programs in the area.

Representatives from the Mayor’s office, the State of Baja’s Governor’s office, and a special envoy from the Archbishop’s office cut the ribbon at the grand opening of Narconon Tijuana.

Part of what led to the creation of Narconon Tijuana was a series of seminars where Laura Capaceta from Narconon delivered Narconon First Step lectures across greater Tijuana’s rehab network from the Path to Life Rehabilitation Center to the Hope of Life Rehabilitation Center. News of the effectiveness of these methods rapidly reached the head of the Tijuana Catholic Diocese, and all else followed from there.

In preparation for their opening, Narconon International staff trained the staff of the new center on locationals, nerve assists, and the entire regimen for detoxification.

Additionally, the Narconon team trained the diocese’s rehab personnel on each step of the Narconon First Step delivery program. The diocese personnel in turn delivered First Step workshops at scores of rehab centers.

For documentation of the effectiveness of the Narconon program, click here:

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