Venezuelan Artists and The Way to Happiness

Artists band together to bring about a moral renaissance in their country

Above photo: Executive Director The Way to Happiness Venezuela, Audrey Cabrera with team I/C and actor Eduardo Galan (center top) and the “Artists for a Better Venezuela” (Artistas por una Venezuela Mejor).

Photo right: Actress Norymar Garcia (holding microphone) conducts a public The Way to Happiness seminar.

A team of Venezuelan celebrities joined forces to bring about a moral resurgence, by producing a series of televised PSAs on the 21 precepts of The Way to Happiness, as well as making media and public appearances and personally distributing customized cover editions of The Way to Happiness to their fans and have distributed over 90,000 booklets so far.

Eager fans line up to get autographed custom cover editions of The Way to Happiness from participating actresses and actors.

Events with celebrity speakers such as acclaimed comedian Andres López and celebrated actress Ruddy Rodriguez, have put The Way to Happiness into the hands of tens of thousands.

Event attendees are given several copies of a custom edition of The Way to Happiness, one to keep for themselves and more to pass on to others.

Actor and in-charge of the “Artists for a Better Venezuela” group Eduardo Galan making a public appearance to distribute customized editions of The Way to Happiness to fans.

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