Delphi Schools: Revitalizing Education

"Through Their Eyes"


Applied Scholastics boarding school students.
Delphian School students talk openly about attending boarding school and why Delphian was the right choice for them. This video was shot and edited by students and alumni of the Delphian School.

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Student at the Delphian gets one on one attention from a teacher to help him fully grasp the material being studied

Proficiency-based teaching: Incorporating competence into the curriculum sets a whole new standard

Delphi Schools began as the dream of a small group of educators in the early 1970s to build a new kind of learning environment.

Photo right: The Delphian School, located near Sheridan, Oregon on 800 acres in the Willamette Valley of western Oregon, is a boarding and day school campus of 270 students from kindergarten through high school. It also serves as an educational training facility for Delphi Schools.

Students receive individualized study programs and follow carefully laid out checksheets. A student must demonstrate competence at each major step before continuing on to the next.

The nine Delphi schools are located in Clearwater, Florida, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Lake View, Campbell and the flagship center in Sheridan, Oregon.

Delphi students become self-directed learners by the age of 12 and thereafter proceed on supervised independent study and projects that involve the application of their learning.

Delphian students are given highly personal attention from instructors, an individual academic program and a focus on demonstrated competence rather than memorization of facts or time spent in class.

Students learn to not only understand what they study, but also to become competent in the use of logic and reason.

Delphi students actively apply the educational breakthroughs developed by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, such as the principles of the three barriers to study to every subject they tackle.

Photo right: This graph shows the combined California Achievement Test scores for all seven Delphi schools for 2009. By 9th grade students are achieving at the highest level attainable on the test, a 13.0 grade equivalent.

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