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Narconon provides effective drug rehabilitation programs as well as drug education and prevention.

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What is the Narconon Program?

"Narconon has a unique position in the rehabilitation field. It offers addicts a relatively painless, drug-free withdrawal — something that most addicts and professionals consider impossible."—Alfonso Paredes, M.D., UCLA School of Medicine

Founded in Arizona State Prison over three decades ago, Narconon has enabled drug abusers to overcome their addiction and lead stable, productive and ethical lives. The continuously growing Narconon network currently comprises more than 120 centers in 30 countries.

Over the past 45 years, Narconon programs worldwide have touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals and helped to reunite them with their families by effectively freeing them from the grip of drug abuse and addiction.

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A Unique Drug-Free Program

An essential—and unique—element of the Narconon approach to rehabilitation is a sauna sweat-out detoxification program that enables Narconon students to eliminate drug residues from their bodies and become free from persistent drug cravings. This is done through exercise, nutrition, and sweating in dry, low-heat saunas with plenty of water and replacement minerals.

Sauna sweat-out of harmful drug residues is a key factor

Another unique aspect of the program is that it is completely drug-free. In other words, it does not use any substitute drug or medication, as so many other programs do. Instead, requiring prior approval by a physician, Narconon utilizes a non-medical procedure through use of nutritional supplements and 24-hour staff assistance to help the person come off recent drug use in a relatively pain-free manner.

Life skills courses help remedy factors precipitating abuse

Narconon students also complete a series of life skills courses that enable them to understand and remedy the life situations that precipitated their drug abuse.

Narconon drug prevention education programs have presented the truth about drugs and their effects to over a million young people. Follow-up studies have validated the effectiveness of these programs.

The Narconon programs offer:

  • Residential substance abuse treatment
  • Substance abuse prevention education
  • Training for substance abuse counselors in drug-free withdrawal, treatment and prevention strategies