"What do you think an honest life means?" Contest

Contestants listen to the awards presentation at the "What do you think an honest life means?" Contest based on The Way to Happiness

A contest based on The Way to Happiness inspires thousands of Hungarian children

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Children from several elementary and upper schools in Hungary were invited to participate in a The Way to Happiness contest sponsored by Criminon (meaning “no-crime”), a non-profit organization whose mission statement includes eliminating factors which produce and precipitate criminal behavior. These children were asked to express their thoughts in art form on the subject of “What do you think an honest life means?”

The purpose of the contest was to draw the attention of school children to this topic and make people aware of the spirit of The Way to Happiness and its positive message.

Many companies contributed gifts and awards for the winning children. These included circus tickets, bicycles, plush toy animals, gift books, amusement park family and group tickets, and snack packages, just to name a few.

With some advertising help from a local TV and radio station, the popularity of the competition had attracted more than 3,200 drawings and works of literature from 113 schools by the time the December deadline came around.

Interest was so high that an event and exhibition were planned to put these works of art on display for parents and teachers and their school classes, acknowledge all the children for their work, and award those with the best entries.

In all, around 400 parents, teachers and children attended.

The event speakers included well-known Hungarian writers, a screenwriter, a film director, a police officer and others, who spoke about the amazing artwork from the children.

Two nationally famous artists, Devenyi and Gyorgy Nadas, gave a special performance.

The children’s works were then publicly exhibited for two weeks to further spread the message of honesty and trust.








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