Get Involved and Help Create
a Better Future for our
Children and Communities

ABLE International stands ready to work with you to plan and implement effective programs that get results in handling drugs, crime, illiteracy and declining morals in your communities and to build better lives for our children, families, neighborhoods, towns, cities and nations—for all of us. Contact us today to get started.

How to Get Started

It is ABLE's goal, working through and with the individual social betterment corporations of Applied Scholastics International, Narconon International, Criminon International and The Way to Happiness Foundation International, to offer effective solutions to the pressing social and educational challenges that communities, families and individuals face. The magnitude of the issues is large. Making a real change requires a concerted effort of individuals who are dedicated to the cause of making a difference.

ABLE works with community leaders, governments, corporations, schools and individuals to help address the social problems prevalent in our communities. ABLE programs are wide-ranging in application, and we have many ways that you can get involved.

Partner with ABLE

We believe in the power of collaboration to make a lasting impact. If you're an organization or individual passionate about improving conditions in your community, we would love to hear from you.

Train at One of Our Training Centers

Our international and continental training centers offer comprehensive courses and apprenticeships in the fields of education, substance abuse rehabilitation, criminal rehabilitation and character education and morals. Contact us to learn more.

Start an ABLE Activity in Your Area

Do you want to start your own Applied Scholastics, Narconon, Criminon or The Way to Happiness activity? Contact us to get started.

Become a Volunteer or Staff

Our dedicated corps of staff and volunteers across the network of ABLE groups make everything we do possible. To join the ranks in an activity near you, contact us for more information.

Whether you are interested in creating a partnership with ABLE, want to start your own ABLE activity in your zone, or are interested in joining the ranks as staff or a volunteer, we're here to discuss your next steps to get started.