ABLE activities and centers make a real difference in their communities

Student at the Delphian gets one on one attention from a teacher to help him fully grasp the material being studied

Delphi Schools: Revitalizing Education

Proficiency-based teaching: Incorporating competence into the curriculum sets a whole new standard

Venezuelan Artists and The Way to Happiness

Artists band together to bring about a moral renaissance in their country

Dr. Anju Mather is presented with an award for her work in bringing The Way to Happiness to students, police and government organizations in India.

The Way to Happiness India

Students, police and community leaders take The Way to Happiness to heart

Narconon Colombia has delivered drug education lectures to over 7,000 police.

Narconon Colombia

Turning the cocaine capital of the world toward freedom from drugs

Narconon Tijuana celebrates one-year Anniversary

Salvaging lives at the crux of Western Hemisphere’s drug trafficking lanes

Narconon Arrowhead near Canadian, Oklahoma

Narconon Arrowhead

Flagship Narconon emanates drug-free lives and new Narconon centers

United in Peace Rally Los Angeles

The Peace Rides

The United in Peace Foundation brings peace to urban streets

Criminon New Life DC

Demonstrating in the nation's capital that rehabilitation is possible

"Understand More, Accomplish More" helps over a million students

Creating educational miracles in Mexico

Contestants listen to the awards presentation at the "What do you think an honest life means?" Contest based on The Way to Happiness

"What do you think an honest life means?" Contest

A contest based on The Way to Happiness inspires thousands of Hungarian children