• 20 Mar 2023
ABLE Staff Writers

The Way to Happiness for a Safer and Cleaner Naples

Pascal Lemos and The Way to Happiness Naples drive a community cleanup campaign in Naples, Italy

Pascal Lemos, a member of The Way to Happiness Naples, is pioneering an environmental campaign to improve his community. This initiative involves local volunteers in cleaning up neighborhoods, parks, and beaches, while also raising public awareness about environmental issues.

Lemos was motivated to act during the COVID-19 pandemic when he experienced breathing difficulties due to pollution in Naples. Starting with a simple beach cleanup, his efforts quickly gained attention and support from the community and other associations.

The Way to Happiness Naples, guided by L. Ron Hubbard’s book, which emphasizes taking care of the environment and setting a good example, has organized over 80 cleanup events, engaged in educational projects, and even launched a podcast to spread the message. Their efforts are primarily focused on tackling issues like plastic waste and promoting sustainable practices.

Through these activities, Lemos and his team demonstrate the power of individual initiative in addressing global challenges, proving that even small actions can lead to significant community transformations.

To learn more about The Way to Happiness Naples, read the full story on The Way Happiness website.

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