• 10 Jan 2019
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Study Validates Narconon’s Sauna-Based Detoxification in Substance Recovery

Exploring the Impact of Sauna Detoxification in Addiction Recovery: Insights from Narconon’s Proven Method

Participants in the Narconon drug rehabilitation program have been engaging in its unique sauna-based detoxification method, referred to as the New Life Detoxification, aiming to enhance their recovery prospects and achieve enduring sobriety, for nearly forty years. In September 2018, a comprehensive scientific study was released, affirming the effectiveness of this approach in aiding the rehabilitation process from the harmful effects of drug and alcohol abuse, particularly as a solution to provide relief from protracted withdrawal symptoms of substance abuse.

Substance addiction, especially to drugs like opioids, methamphetamines, and alcohol, often leads to profound negative changes in personality, work capability, relationship management, and general health. The lingering effects of these substances can extend for months or years beyond initial withdrawal, manifesting as fatigue, mood issues, cognitive impairment, and other long-term symptoms.

The study, published in the Journal of International Medical Research under the title “Safety and Tolerability of Sauna Detoxification for the Protracted Withdrawal Symptoms of Substance Abuse,” confirms the safety and effectiveness of the New Life Detoxification. This process combines time in a low-heat sauna, specific nutritional supplementation, and moderate aerobic exercise.

Involving 109 clients, the study utilized various health and well-being questionnaires, including the SF-36 (Short Form survey of 36 health, energy, and mood factors), to track participant progress. The results were striking: post-detox, clients showed significant improvements in all areas, surpassing national norms. Notably, 26% of participants reported an absence of drug cravings post-treatment.

These findings are crucial because drug and alcohol addiction severely diminishes mental clarity, emotional stability, and overall life quality, often leading to a cycle of relapse despite traditional rehab or incarceration. The New Life Detoxification, as part of the Narconon program, has demonstrated its potential in significantly reducing cravings and enhancing mental and emotional well-being, providing a stronger foundation for sustained sobriety.

Dr. Rohit Adi, MD, Medical Director of a Narconon facility and Emergency Physician, underscores the importance of this study. He points out that while immediate withdrawal symptoms receive much attention, it’s the persistent symptoms that contribute to relapse. The New Life Detoxification protocol not only alleviates these symptoms but also plays a vital role in preventing relapse.

This study offers a beacon of hope for families seeking effective solutions for loved ones battling addiction. Narconon’s New Life Detoxification presents a scientifically validated path to reclaim the happiness and vitality lost to drug abuse.

For more details and in-depth analysis, the full text of the article is available on Narconon.org and the full study is available from Sage Journals.

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