• 31 Dec 2023
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Narconon Ojai’s Holiday Initiative for Youth Empowerment and Addiction Prevention

Empowering Community and Youth: Narconon Ojai’s Fight Against Addiction During the Holidays – A Story of Awareness, Prevention, and Hope

Narconon Ojai, a key figure in the Ojai community in combating addiction, has been actively working with community leaders this holiday season to raise awareness and support youth in the fight against drug and alcohol abuse. Their recent efforts were highlighted at their 3rd annual golf tournament at Ojai Valley Inn, which successfully raised funds for the Ojai Youth Foundation. This initiative aims at bolstering prevention and treatment efforts in light of alarming statistics from the CDC indicating a rise in drug overdose deaths.

Prominent participants like Ventura County Sheriff James Fryhoff and Dan Schneider from Netflix’s “The Pharmacist” shared their experiences at the event, emphasizing the critical need for accessible prevention and treatment. The Ojai Chamber of Commerce CEO, Jamie Fleming, received a donation for the Ojai Youth Foundation, recognizing Narconon Ojai’s significant role in drug rehabilitation and education in the community.

Narconon Ojai continues to offer comprehensive care and support, dedicating its resources to helping individuals lead drug-free lives while collaborating with the community to address these pressing social issues.

For the full article, visit the Narconon Ojai website.

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