• 31 Mar 2022
ABLE Staff Writers

Narconon Celebrates 56th Anniversary

The Narconon program, renowned the world over for its commitment to combating addiction, marked its 56th anniversary on February 19th, 2022. This significant milestone was celebrated globally, with events held in 14 countries.

These celebrations, a mix of in-person and virtual gatherings, united Narconon graduates, staff, and community leaders. The events were a platform for graduates to share their transformative journeys, serving as a beacon of hope and encouragement for others grappling with addiction. These stories underscored the program’s core mission: to assist individuals to overcome addiction and embark on a new, drug-free life.

As Narconon celebrated its 56th anniversary, the highlights from around the globe reflected the program’s diverse and far-reaching impact. From Narconon Latin America’s special recognition by local leaders to Narconon Ojai receiving a commendation from the Chamber of Commerce, each event was unique. In Puebla, the Secretary of Health addressed the online audience, while Narconon Louisiana connected with its community through a live-streamed graduation. Across Europe and Asia, events ranged from online discussions with drug prevention advocates to heartfelt messages from government advisors, showcasing the program’s broad appeal and effectiveness. In Mexico and Colombia, notable dignitaries acknowledged Narconon’s contributions, and in Navojoa, the celebration was amplified by the presence of their first-ever graduate from 17 years ago as a speaker. These events, each significant in its own right, collectively illustrated the enduring legacy and ongoing commitment of Narconon in battling addiction and transforming lives worldwide.

With over half a century of experience, Narconon stands out for its drug-free treatment approach, incorporating unique detoxification regimens and life skills training. The program has guided thousands towards a new, drug-free life, offering a beacon of hope and demonstrating that lasting recovery from addiction is attainable.

Visit Narconon.org for the full story.

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