• 23 Oct 2020
ABLE Staff Writers

Narconon Mexico Expands to Aid More in Addiction Battle

New Facility in Querétaro Offers Hope in the Fight Against Addiction

Narconon Mexico, in response to the high addiction rates and drug-related challenges in the country, has expanded its facilities to better serve those in need.

Located in Pedro Escobedo, Querétaro, the new facility provides 114,000 square feet of space to accommodate and effectively treat individuals battling addiction.

Eduardo Espinal, the Executive Director of Narconon Mexico and a former addict himself, spearheaded this expansion. Since opening the first Narconon center in Mexico in 1998, Espinal and his team have helped over a thousand individuals overcome addiction and return to their families.

The new facility, named after the respected Dr. Pedro Escobedo, aims to offer a peaceful, distraction-free environment for recovery and rehabilitation.

It has received a warm welcome from local officials like Mrs. Maria del Rosario Cervantes, Director of the National System for Integral Family Development, highlighting the urgent need for effective rehabilitation programs in the region. The National System for Integral Family Development is called Sistema Nacional para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia, or just DIF in Spanish. This is the Mexican government body responsible for providing social assistance, focusing on strengthening and developing the welfare of families in Mexico.

Espinal’s dedication over the past two decades reflects his commitment to offering life-saving assistance to those afflicted by addiction.

For more details on this inspiring journey and Narconon Mexico’s endeavors, read the full article here.

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